Choosing to become a commercial diver means giving yourself a career where you’re in control and demand. Choosing to train at Commercial Divers International means you’ll experience real-world scenarios and receive hands-on training from expert divers with both commercial and U.S. Navy experience.

Of course, this career path may not be for everyone. Before you reach out to schedule a tour of our new state-of-the-art facility in Goodyear, AZ, you can check out some of our videos to better understand what day-to-day life in our training program will bring. From local news reports to class-specific intros and videos from some of our students, you’ll see how our program will give you the skills you need to excel as a commercial diver. 

Commercial Divers International Media 

We take our instruction seriously, and we expect our students to do so, as well. However, we also know there’s nothing better than kicking back after a day of hard work and hanging out with your comrades and colleagues. Our videos below will give you an in-depth look at life at our training facilities and how the skills and relationships you develop here will last a lifetime. 

Local Fox 10 News Report 


Our graduates have received job opportunities and praise from commercial diving companies throughout the world. However, we’re always happy to help whenever the local community and news organizations report on our classes and facilities. 


This report from Fox10 News highlights some of the basics of our diving program: 

  • Our program consists of over 650 hours of training, 300 of which are spent underwater. 

  • Our instructors have extensive training, including in the U.S. Navy. 

  • Our large tanks help simulate real-world conditions and train our students on common diving work. 

  • Our graduates often find work on offshore oil rigs, underwater infrastructure projects, and help build dams and piers. 

  • Our graduates can make between $50,000 and $120,000 annually from their first job after graduation, depending on the type of work and location. 


We encourage you to watch the video in full, as you’ll see interviews with an instructor, a student, and some slice-of-life clips that show what our training actually looks like. You’ll also hear some additional details about what your life as a commercial diver may be like. 

Commercial Diver Videos 


Our commercial diver videos give you a first-person view of what it’s like to go through our training programs. You’ll see our students welding, building, and doing other underwater work with equipment you can expect to use throughout your career. You’ll also see the interior of our huge training tanks, the hyperbaric training chamber, and what it looks like when you’re out on our gigantic 37-acre lake that we own and train in. 

However, we know that the videos created by our team here at Commercial Divers International may only show you a part of the picture. That’s why we’ve also included a variety of videos created by our students. These videos help give an up-close and personal look at what training looks like beneath the water’s surface. You’ll see how our students operate and how they are still able to mix in some fun during the serious work of welding, construction, and diving. 

Finally, we also offer some informative videos that show off specific training you’ll receive at our Goodyear facility. Perhaps the most important is the helmet operation experience. If you watched the Fox10 News report, you’d know that diving helmets can weigh up to 40 pounds and that their safe operation can often be the difference between finishing the job and needing to be rescued. 


You’ll also see the inside view of our hyperbaric chamber that we use to train. It helps students prepare for the changing pressures they’ll experience as they submerge themselves in the water and as they wrap up their underwater work to return to the surface. These changing pressure levels can be dangerous if not approached correctly, and anyone who works underwater needs to know how to navigate them safely for their sake as well as the sake of their crew. 

Commercial Diver Photos 


If your browser is having issues with the videos, you can get a small sample of what you’ll see from our photos. You’ll see our training courses, portions of our facilities, and some of the training you’ll receive with our program. 

Schedule a Tour Today 


Our facilities sit on a 2.8-acre plot of land that contains three 21,000-gallon tanks. Each tank contains side-viewing windows to give instructors the ability to view lessons from both in and out of the water. We’re also situated near a 37-acre lake that offers our students experience working in real-world, uncontrolled conditions.  


Our world-class instructors will teach each of our divers how to work safely beneath the surface, with lessons on operating everything from helmets to underwater equipment to life-saving tools. We provide lifetime job placement services to our graduates, and our classes are regularly recruited by commercial diving companies worldwide.  


If you’re ready to see how we can provide you the experience, training, and skills you need to thrive in an in-demand career, schedule a tour of our facilities today. You can call us at 623-882-3483 or click the “schedule a tour” button at the top of this page to have us reach out to you.