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Partners and Affiliates

At CDI, we are proud to offer our students the best possible education and opportunities in commercial diving. Our ability to do so comes partially from our network of partners and affiliates. The following Commercial Divers Intl partners and affiliates help us to ensure the success of our students.

Arizona Department of Veteran’s Services

We are proud to work with veterans to help them find great careers. CDI is approved for     GI BILL® and provides scholarships and other resources to veterans, especially those from our home state of Arizona. We frequently work with the Arizona Department of Veteran’s Services to help provide opportunities to people who have chosen to serve our country. Many of our students and instructors are veterans.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Safety is a top priority at CDI and throughout the commercial diving field. No dive can be truly successful if it is not performed safely. We work with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to not only provide a safe environment for our staff and students but also to help teach our students about their rights and responsibilities as workers.

Association of Diving Contractors International

The Association of Diving Contractors International is a major nonprofit organization dedicated to commercial diving. Through ADCI, we are tapped into the broader commercial diving field and provide our students with resources, connections, and opportunities. Like CDI, ADCI is committed to safety, excellent training, and progressing the art and science of commercial diving.

Students graduating from CDI will receive an ADCI Entry Level Diver/Tender card. This is an essential step for any commercial diver.

Dive Lab

Based in Panama City Beach, Florida, Dive Lab is a test facility dedicated to ensuring that surface-supplied diving helmets, full-face masks, and associated life support equipment is ready for the rigors of commercial diving. They are a part of the Kirby Morgan Diving Systems International family and test the company’s equipment. Additionally, they provide special training on KMDSI gear.

Kirby Morgan

Ensuring that our students are familiar with the best equipment is a top priority for us at CDI. Kirby Morgan Diving Systems International is one of the leading brands in commercial diving equipment. We use KMDSI equipment and are proud to partner with Kirby Morgan.

State of Arizona

CDI is located in Goodyear, Arizona, near Phoenix. As an Arizona-based school, we often work with the state to provide opportunities for our students and connect with employers in the area. Operating CDI from Goodyear has helped us to offer more to our students, including affordable housing. So, we are happy to continue to be an Arizonan school.

Government of Canada

Our organization is called Commercial Divers International for a reason: we recognize the international relevance of a good commercial diving education. We teach students from Canada frequently, as well as many other international locations. By working with the Government of Canada, we can more easily facilitate the needs of our Canadian students.

U.S. Department of Labor

CDI is focused on helping our students find careers as commercial divers. To help with this, we work with the U.S. Department of Labor. The DOL provides Americans with many resources to help with finding work. Additionally, it is tasked with ensuring that all workers in the U.S. have safe working environments, something we care passionately about at CDI.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing is dedicated to the non-destructive testing of products, structures, and more. CDI offers an NDT certification program for our divers. This means that our students who complete this program will be equipped with everything they need to be able to perform underwater, non-destructive inspections. The NDT certification can open up excellent opportunities for our students.

American Welding Society

Topside and underwater welding is a major part of the commercial diving industry. The American Welding Society is an important certifying body for anyone who wants to weld in the U.S. Our graduates receive an underwater welding course completion certification or AWS D3.6M-Class C Standard certification. This certification helps many of our students to find secure and lucrative careers.

Divers Alert Network

DAN is a dive safety organization that has been committed to the health and safety of divers for more than four decades. Like CDI, DAN works to help to ensure the maximum possible safety of divers, commercial and otherwise. Additionally, DAN helps professional divers to get insurance to protect both their health and wellness as well as their professional future.

Military Friendly

Military Friendly is an organization dedicated to encouraging businesses and schools to support the interests of service personnel, veterans, and their families. CDI works hard to offer great opportunities for veterans. Furthermore, several members of our staff are former Navy Divers. We are proud to offer the best opportunities we can for veterans seeking their next career steps.

Learn More About CDI and Our Partners

The above CDI partners and affiliates help us to do more for our students. You can learn more about CDI’s commitment to helping our students find success as divers by checking out our programs page. Alternatively, contact us at 623-882-3483 to learn more about our school, facilities, programs, and partners.

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